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Cryptolization is an open ended, metaverse where players can harvest resources, grow territory, and build thriving civilizations in an immersive web3 continent.

Each Territory NFT corresponds to a unique territory on the global map. Owning territory grants you the right to that parcel of digital land, including the resources spawned on it and the right to permit building upon it. All territory is unique. Some is more desirable than others. There will be only 10,000 land pieces.

Read more about our motivation for making this here.

How will you create?
Cryptolization draws inspiration from popular real-time strategy games and open-source software to enable an engaging alternative world. We seek to give early backers a piece of this digital landmass and provide devs the real estate to build on. We're exploring on-map dynamics that enable paths like:

Reaching innovation landmarks to earn NFT rewards.  

Participating in a vast economy that facilitates player-to-player transactions and token harvesting.  

Raiding and vanquishing other territories to claim dominance and build your wealth--or grow through cooperation.

The Future of Crypto
We are building Cryptolization in Solana to provide widespread game usage through minimal gas fees and transaction times. The utility token and NFTs will be built on the Solana blockchain.
Once we hit the target percentage sale, we'll start developing the stated goal

0% -  50 alpha territory pieces are released to test our pipelines

0.5% - 10% of Territory pieces released

10% - Resources released to initial Territory holders

20% - Release additional terrains. 5 will be randomly airdropped to Territory holders

30% -  Structures are released. 1 temple will be randomly airdropped to a Territory holder

60% - Cyptolization token released

80% - Alpha for exploring the map and gameplay

90% - Alpha for realtime multiplayer interactions

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A far off world where you can encounter others and earn crypto resources. Play the game by owning territory. Build on top of territory, trade with others, find resources.
Earn cypto from territory, encounter others